The Photographers

The Photographers


– Alexis LaForge –

First off, I am a newlywed myself and looking back on my own wedding I realize how important my photos are. My wedding day went by so fast I only remember bits and pieces. After the honeymoon, I relied solely on photos and video of my wedding to remind me of the day.
Photography is my passion and I take pride in my work. The way I see it I want my bride and groom to be just as ecstatic with these photos as if they were my wedding photos.
I have a broad background in art, design photo journalism and photography. Something these subjects all share is composition and a creative mind. I have taken courses in all these and am graduating a second time with a A.S in Digital Photography. My favorite photos are the detailed shots that make up a wedding that are overlooked. Another favorite are candid, which make a wedding, they capture that unique moment in time that cannot be duplicated in a posed shot or reenactment.

– William LaForge –
Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a good eye for pictures and composition. I graduated college with a landscape architecture degree and like to apply the artistic and computer skills to things that I really love, like photography. Over the years I have worked on my skills and learned the art of wedding photography. To do a wedding in full smoothly from one place/event to the next takes practice. Out of me and my wife I am the technical one that gets the settings and perfect light while she brings artistic elements and both unique and classic poses to life. Your wedding is yours, we will be there to cover every minute of it.

– Our travels –

Wyoming, Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Sacramento, San Fransisco, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico and our most recent trip on our honeymoon Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. We would love to revisit Japan. We love traveling and can not get enough of it.

– Us
We both have been into photography for quite some time and never took photos together until we were older. We found that working together has a great many opportunities and rewards. One of them being the fact we get to see and work with each other all day long. We know how each other shoots and moves around so we do not run into one another and we do not take the same shots. Everyone has a dream job and mine is working with my best friend and husband/wife taking pictures of people in love.